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The industry demand for qualified arborists and urban foresters is increasing. Entering job salaries and salary potential are high, and qualified graduates specializing in arboriculture are actively recruited. The Division of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences have developed a new minor in arboriculture & urban forestry (AUF) that will prepare students to pursue opportunities in the profession. As a result, West Virginia University’s Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design now houses one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s best opportunities to study arboriculture & urban forestry.
The minor in AUF is designed to provide students educational opportunities in the areas of urban forestry and ornamental horticulture as they relate to current urban environments. Emphasis is given to the establishment and management of herbaceous and woody plants used in commercial, residential, residential settings as well as utility rights0of-ways.
Required Courses
This AUF minor requires a minimum 18 hours in forestry and horticulture related courses with a grade of C or higher in each course.

Required courses include:
AGRN 4101 – Soil Fertility (3 CR)
FOR 2052 – Dendrology (3 CR)
HORT 260/LARC 2601 – Ornamental Woody Plants and Ground Covers (3 CR) (prerequisite waived for FRM students minoring in Arboriculture)
ENTO/PPTH 4702 – Forest Pest Management (4 Cr.) or ENTO 404 – Principles of Entomology and PPTH 4011 – General Plant Pathology
FMAN 315ISA Certification Preparation Course (I CR) (New Course) This course will be developed to prepare students to take their ISAcertification exam.
ENTO/PPTH 471 – Urban Tree & Shrub Health (l CR) (New Course)
PLSC 491 or FMAN 491 – Professional Field Experience (3 CR)

1These represent courses that are currently required as part of the horticulture degree program. Students majoring in horticulture will need 8 credit hours of required courses in the Arboriculture Minor external to the HORT degree program.

2These represent courses that are currently required as part of the Forest Resources Management (FRM) degree program. Students majoring in FRM will need 11 credit hours of required courses in the Arboriculture Minor external to the FRM degree program.

Restricted Electives (at least Two (2) courses from the following list are required for the AUF minor):
FMAN 393 – Arboriculture & Trees in the Landscape (3 CR)
FOR 340 Natural Resources Entrepreneurship (3 CR)
AGRN 315 – Turfgrass Management (3 CR)
FMAN 440 – Forestry Consulting (3 CR)
HORT 262 – Herbaceous Plant Material (3 CR)
HORT 441 – Garden Center Management (3 CR)
FMAN 493 -Urban Forest Management (3 CR)

The total number of credit hours required for this minor is 24 credits. However, some of the required courses within the AUF minor are current requirements within the Horticulture and Forest Resources Management degree programs. Horticulture majors would only need 14 total credit hours beyond that required for their major. For Forest Resources Management majors, only 17 credit hours are needed beyond their degree requirements. These total credit hour requirements could be reduced even further by selecting the Arboriculture restricted electives as major electives or for meeting WVU GEC requirements.

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